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Summer Skin Essentials

Upma KaurComment

Everyday Protect & Everyday Bronze 
A combination of UV protective oils and herbs combined with zinc oxide to provide moderate physical protection from daily sun exposure. Green Tea Extract provides superior anti oxidant protection and heals the skin from over exposure to UV radiation.
Root Defense Serum
A combination of Chapparal, Carrot, Calendula, Yarrow, Red Raspberry Seed oil. This serum is made to strengthen & support the skin against UV radiation. As a bonus this serum also stimulates cellular turnover creating smoother more refined skin.
Cool Creme
A rich blend of oils and aloe to nourish and cool overheated skin. This creme is wonderful after prolonged sun exposure on a hot day and also ideal as cooling foot creme. I've even used it to treat swelling and inflammation from a sprain. I've also heard, through the grapevine, that it's most excellent for treating exposure to poison oak and ivey.