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Spring - Skin Care Essentials

Upma KaurComment

Essential Toner 
Foundational support for resilient skin. 

Exfoliant - Lavender & Sencha 
A combination of ground Sencha (green tea), lavender flowers and rice bran work to gently remove dead skin cells while French green clay deep cleanses and purifies. Leaves skin refreshed and vibrant. Can be used up to 3x a week. Leave it on after exfoliating to promote extra detoxification.

Turmeric Anti - Oxidant Serum
Provides superior anti oxidant protection for the skin during the transitional seasons. Anti Oxidants protect the skin from damaging free radical attack. Spring is often a turbulent season with lots of pollen and debris in the air. Turmeric Anti Oxidant Serum helps protect and support the skin during the seasonal change.

Beauty Balm - 
It's really never not the season for Beauty Balm. But I do love it in the spring here in New Mexico. It's usually extra windy and dry and a layer of Beauty Balm over your favorite moisturizer and serum helps prevent moisture loss and acts as a barrier between your skin and the Juniper pollen and dust.