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Rose Neroli Serum Rose essential oil is often referred to as the great mother. With the highest frequency of all oils her ability to open our hearts to love while nourishing and softening the skin is truly amazing. Neroli is often considered the essence of compassion. Her scent is relaxing and uplifting. It's also a natural aphrodisiac. A great source of vitamin C Neroli helps to relieve signs of stress and anxiety that have manifested in the skin. Combined these two precious oils create a serum that revitalizes and restores your skins vibrancy while harmonizing your spirit and emotions.

Aphrodites Delight Body Polish / Bath SoakCrushed Rose Petals,Sea Salt and Essential OIls including Geranium, Clary Sage and Frankincense. This luscious blend was formulated to honor the goddess Aphrodite; her innocence, purity, beauty and true feminine nature. The oils in this blend are especially beneficial for women, balancing and harmonizing the ebb and flow of our emotions and hormones.

Body Butter : Raw Shea and Cocoa butters are the foundation for this fabulous formulation. It smells delicious and feels, well like whipped butter. Raw Shea butter is renowned for it's healing properties for irritated skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and other rashes.  Cocoa butter, aside from smelling oh so good, opens the heart center, calms heat in the skin and is traditionally used for healing scars and stretch marks.