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Coffee is awesome! Coffee has numerous positive effects on our body, minds, spirits, and emotions when used both topically and aromatically. Fresh brewed coffee smells good and is relaxing while being stimulating.

Coffee Buzz Body Polish is a great way to clear your energy field and help tighten and tone the skin. I source from Caveman Coffee(organic, fair trade) and intentionally blend with sugar, a natural humectant (preserves moisture), and essential oils. Coffee Buzz Body Polish is ideal for working those areas that need a little more smoothness and tone. Bonus: the coffee won't dissolve so you can take your time massaging and working deeply both your skin and muscle tissue. I've added the perfect accent of cinnamon to warm your body and improve circulation. And the power of Benzoin to help heal self-image wounds. Overall, this body polish cleanses and refreshes your energy field.

 Cross section of Kava Root

Cross section of Kava Root

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Kava Koffee Medicine Oil: Kava is a root native to Polynesia used for relaxation without impairing cognitive function. Kava is especially useful for reducing anxiety and muscle tension. Topically it reduces chronic stress and helps to align the muscular and skeletal systems. A member of the pepper family, Kava increases circulation creating a state of relaxed alertness. I’ve blended it with a coffee infused oil making Kava Koffee Medicine Oil ideal for morning Abyangha (oil massage). The combination of coffee and kava assists the body in releasing water weight while stimulating the muscles into a livened relaxation that is grounded and focused.  And a big shout out to Kava Dave at Bayfront Kava for supplying me with the Best Hawaiian kava!

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Big love to you and have a joyous summer xox Upma