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Ascension an Anointing Oil for the times

Upma KaurComment

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my kitchen getting ready to engage the world and wishing I had an oil blend to put on. One that uplifts and clarifies to help my energy system more easily calibrate to the barrage of stress and change that is more present right now in our current 3D reality.

Introducing Ascension, a blend born of personal necessity. It  is good medicine, lighter and brighter and more uplifting than I imagined. Ascension is a blend of 13 primary oils benefiting our mind and emotions to keep us centered. And 13, a number of transformation, is inherent to the code of nature and our connection to the divine mother earth.

To Use: Place a few drops in the palm of your hand.  Gently rub your hands together then cup them new your nose and inhale deeply, at least 3 breaths.  The oils in Ascension are actually very beneficial for your lungs, breath and sinuses.  Now take your hands and sweep them up and over your head, then down and over your shoulders and down your arms. Enjoy feeling uplifted, clear and ready for the next step.

Hyssop : mood enhancing, uplifting, improves clarity and mental alertness, purifies the energy field, relieves stress and eases emotional pain

Melissa : supports spiritual awakening, uplifts mind and energy, helps us remember who we are and why we are here, provides inspiration for our soul to continue forward despite obstacles

Cypress : overall calming and grounding, relieving grief, anger, sadness helping us field difficult emotions without overwhelm, useful when moving through transitions and assists in integration

Lemongrass : a mood elevator promoting clarity through the dissolution of resentment and related emotions, purifies and helps the mind to stay focused and present

Ravensara : relieves feelings of stress, anxiety and confusion, calms the nervous system

Davana : encourages a peaceful mind while helping us recover from the effects of shock, trauma, and disappointment, a powerful anti-depressant

Sandalwood : invokes calmness and deep relaxation allowing for greater intuition and sense of awareness especially around learning unconditional love

Spearmint : uplifts mood in cases of stress, mental exhaustion, and depression, also relaxing, energizing, revitalizing, and encouraging

Helichrysum : stimulates feelings of confidence, hope, joy, and our zest for living by providing strength and sustenance for our soul

Wild Myrtle : uplifting and euphoric to help us move past anger, inner conflict arising between our internal polarity, clears confusion and provides strength and courage to rise up against oppression

Sweet Fennel : nourishes the emotions and spirit by grounding us in the present while assisting in the digestion of challenges and transitions.

Rosemary Verbone : supports mental clarity and relives fatigue due to overwork, expels sadness and grief relieving us of anger