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Autumn Essentials

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During autumn it’s important to remember our skin is changing. The additional oil that your skin produced for protection during the heat of the summer is beginning to disappear (draw in) and, as the air is becoming colder (drier), it’s easy for the skin to become irritated. In the fall it’s common to notice flare ups of acne, eczema, and dry patches as our skin adjusts from summer to winter. Exfoliation, hydration, and protection are some of the most important ways you can support your skin during the autumn. A little extra attention now will insure your skin has a strong foundation to stay vibrant and healthy all winter long.


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Illuminating Cleansing Powder:Exfoliates the skin and supports regeneration. Use daily during the transition for most skin types. Sensitive skin 3- 5x per week. 

Firming Mask: Stimulates circulation, cellular regeneration and provides gentle exfoliation through natural sources of AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids). Use 3- 4 times a week in the evening after cleansing, followed by Intensive Repair Serum.

Intensive Repair Serum: Stimulates skin healing, nourishes newly forming skin cells, also good for dry patches, feels really good. Use morning and evening after toning.

Beauty Balm: Deeply nourishes and protects the skin as it transitions into winter. Ideally used on your face during the day (a little bit goes a long way). Can be used all over (face & body) as desired. An excellent treatment for dry patches and eczema.

Desertscape Body Polish: Whole body exfoliant, helps detoxify, cleanse and energetically protect during transition. Also makes a lovely bath soak - add a tablespoon to your bath water and enjoy!

Thai 4 Element Body Oil: Creates balance and strength in all body systems. For a quick  balancing treatment massage Thai 4 Element Oil into the back of your neck, shoulders, hips, low back and feet.

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Aligning self care to the season is imperative for personal vitality. During the transitional seasons we are likely to experience additional stress in our bodies. It’s important to stay connected to both internal and external self care. Feed yourself nutritious whole food like soups, stews and warm spiced teas. With the cooler, shorter days remember to still get outside, breathe fresh air & soak in some sunlight. Reflect and enjoy rich memories created this summer and begin to invite the journey to stillness that winter offers.