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Shedding Skin

Upma KaurComment

I've been consciously stretching beyond my perceived limitations---choosing the YES----when sometimes I have resistance or even when I know I’m taking a less direct route to my final destination.  Of course taking a less direct path isn't necessarily "safe",  the road is often obscured and so a few extra bruises and bumps tend to happen.  Regardless I am finding great  joy in knowing that I am consciously taking care of my body, (mind & spirit) by always listening to what it tells me. Being tapped in to that deeper body wisdom I'm receiving  those bumps and bruises as part of the ride and not as collateral damage.
Recently, one such bump was a very bad sunburn. Honestly, I was being a bit careless and not paying attention as much as I should to the brightness and intensity of the sun, on the water. Once I realized the depth of the burn I drew a warmish bath (not cold and not hot), added some apple cider vinegar and soaked to dispel the heat. I followed up with leilani body bliss mist to engage the cooling powers of green tea and aloe. After a rest, I used queen's water (more apple cider vinegar plus aloe, rose water, and lavender hydrosol). I followed that with some aloe from the plant and cool creme. Once the heat decreased I continued with the queen's water both as a spritzer and in a soaking bath.  After each bath I would pat dry with a towel and apply the cool creme to keep my skin moist and hydrated.
As I heal and regenerate, I feel the external layer of my skin dry and tighten. It is a bit uncomfortable as it releases, it's too tight and I just want it off! As it peels back, I notice there is a glow, a softness, and a newness coming forth and yet it's also sensitive and raw. I feel like a snake shedding her skin. 

The shedding of skin begins with an internal process and ends with a visible external result. A snakes eyes cloud over and their skin becomes dull. Snakes also get a bit agitated. After a few days of that shedding magick happening inside, the energies move outside and the snake begins to rub up against objects to loosen the skin and to come out of their old sheath and be renewed. Of course, I peeled and shed my old skin. It really felt great to "rub up against" my body with illuminating cleansing grains  on my face and Aphrodite's delight body polish on my body.  Snakes shed as a natural course, but also they might have an extra shed prior to mating or birthing. My kinship with the snake continues as I navigate relationships---both old and new----with others and myself.  I feel as if most of my relationships are changing, pushing up against the edges, stretching my skin. I am consciously harvesting a greater sense of clarity of purpose and direction in my relationships with others and myself. It feels fruitful, satisfying and healthy.

With the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this weekend and the Autumnal Equinox just after it's the perfect time to shed your own skin, limitations and outmoded habituations in preparation for winter.