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Self Care Ritual : Coffee Bath

Upma KaurComment

Keeping myself energetic and in good health is important—growth can be exhausting and at the same time so rewarding. I make sure to refresh via a ritual bath at least once a week. Ritual baths are an easy way to use every-day natural substances and your own conscious intention to support yourself physically, energetically, emotionally ensuring that you’re in tip-top shape for that next transformation! 

 Coffee, used externally, will assist in revitalizing your energy, especially if you’re in recovery from big transition or even physical illness. It will also help “shake off” a hard work week—restoring your natural verve and vitality. 

                                                                                                                  Let’s just be real for a minute: Coffee. Sugar. All the joy; none of the side effects. Why wouldn’t you want to rub it all over yourself (unless you don’t like coffee, are there really people that don’t like coffee)?

AND another bonus—caffeine is actually useful for decreasing the appearance of cellulite, it actually helps tighten and firm the skin. I specifically chose a lighter roast blend with higher caffeine content for maximum effectiveness.  

Did I mention there's also Cinnamon Powder and Benzoin Resin? Cinnamon works to stimulate cellular metabolism & circulation. Benzoin is an amazing wound healer both physically and emotionally.  



Make a fresh pot of strong coffee from freshly ground beans. Add 3-6 cups to your hot bath water and soak in it for 8-15 minutes.  While soaking use a Coffee Scrub to uplift those areas which go first into the fray: feet, hands, knees, elbows—follow up with your entire body, but make sure you get those points of power. A coffee bath and scrub will energize and empower the rest of your day. Saturday mornings are an especially positive time for some delicious coffee infused self care. 


Luminous beauty chooses Caveman Coffee—our local source of quality beans. Caveman Coffee obtains their beans from sustainable farms, clean grown and processed—from the beans to the cacao and MCT, all coffee and products are from farms and manufacturers that the       Caveman Coffee team has personally met and have faith in.