luminous beauty


Upma KaurComment

For me the spring season has been a lot about being in the River and learning to flow. I've been spending more time by cool running waters, immersing myself in the sounds, smells and sensations found on the river banks. Each time I visit I feel my spirit drinking deeply the sweet nectar of the river medicine. I always come away tranquil and replenished. I especially love how the sunlight dances across the moving water, golden and sparkling, this to me is the very the essence of Oshun,  Orisha of the "Sweet" Waters, Love, Beauty and all that makes life worth living.  Oshun always has her honeypot with her and delights in sharing her sweet gifts with everyone. She can soften, with her kindness, even the most harsh creatures. Oshun enjoys the finer things in life and appreciates the bounty and beauty in all things.



Oshun Spirit Oil assists in manifesting pleasure, treasure, and all that is golden & sweet, like honey :-)

Essential Oils include:

Galbanum—brings pleasure to the mind and soul.  Helps with the shedding of old patterns and behaviors.  Connects you to your inner truth.  Relaxes the nervous system, creates harmony and brings one to internal balance.

Vanilla—sweet and tasty

Rosewood—helps maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.  Anti depressant, opens the heart chakra.  Aides in deep inner listening.  Aphrodisiac and mood elevator.

Lavender—calms the central nervous system

Angelica—originally from Africa this treasured flower spread throughout Europe in the 16th century.  Opens us to the wisdom of the angelic realm.  It is relaxing, provides spiritual protection and helps release stored trauma from the

Jasmine—aphrodisiac, uplifts the spirit and emotions, relaxes the mind, boosts self confidence, dispels depression, sweet

Propolis—ensures all that's good and sweet sticks to you (not an essential oil)

Cinnamon—creates feelings of abundance, warms the spirit and comforts the mind

Sweet Orange—aphrodisiac, uplifting, sweet

Clary Sage—enhances relaxation, creates euphoria

Davana—comforting and relaxing helps us break through perceived limitations & claim personal power. Is an adaptagenic oil, the aroma will change based on your body's unique chemistry.