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Sea Turtles: Longevity & Sustainability

eventsUpma KaurComment

Sea Turtles have been quite an ally for me as I learn to slow down. Their wisdom contains much medicine : sea turtles typically live 150 years or more, primarily because their internal organs do not actually age! Science is still figuring that one out. What I know is that the more I slow down, even if it’s just my thinking or reacting the more refreshed and consistent I feel.  I'm actively learning about Self sustainability--what kind of energy output will carry me through the long haul? While not their every day behavior, Sea Turtles can be actively aggressive with their energy. They will dig like crazy when they're burying their eggs or when they're migrating (between feeding and nesting grounds), sometimes as far as 1400 miles. Sea Turtles know how to use their energy appropriately. In many cultures, Turtles are the "keepers of the Earth" and represent the Mother.

In honor of creating more sustainable energy patterns leading to longevity, 
luminous beauty will donate a portion of all sales during May and June 2016 to support sea turtle preservation.