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Lilac Oil Infusion in Honor of Maia

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                                                                                                                                                         Simple infusion method for lilacs & other fresh flowers

 Ahhh lilacs...

Ahhh lilacs...

  • Gather lilac blossoms in the morning after the dew has dried per your locale. Collect flowers away from traffic, roads, and floating debris heavy areas. 
  • Separate the stems from the blossoms. Spread them out to make sure they're dry.
  • Fill a clean, dry jar with a lid of any size with lilac blossoms.
  • Cover completely with a high quality oil with a long shelf life*
  • Use a wooden spoon to gently press the flowers down, removing any air bubbles. Be sure all the flowers are covered with oil. Put the lid on and close tightly
  • Set in a warmish / sacred spot (sunshine) for 24 hours. Lilacs have a subtle aroma which tends to evaporate quickly. For other (fresh) flowers the time can be two  - four weeks. 
  • Strain through a piece of cheese cloth or muslin into a bottle of your choice. 
  • Label with the date of extraction and ingredients. 
  • If the lilac oil fragrance is too subtle, gather more lilacs and do another extraction. Repeat until you're pleased with the result. 


*Oils good for herb and flower extraction include olive, coconut meadowfoam, and sunflower. All of these oils have a long shelf life and are high in antioxidants. When choosing and oil flower combination keep in mind the final purpose of your oil, this will help you decide which oil you extract in. Lilacs or more subtle aroma flowers are probably better in meadowfoam as it is virtually aroma less compared to coconut or olive.