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Thai 4 Element Oil - Essential Self Care

Upma KaurComment

As we head into the holiday season, a time often filled with extra emotional and physical stress, it becomes even more important stay connected to our “center." A routine that includes regular self massage and application of herbal infused oils is essential to keeping us healthy, wealthy, and wise throughout any season.
Thai 4 element oil is an invaluable herbal oil that promotes health and longevity with a potent combination of herbs that balance & harmonize the 4 elemental energies of air, earth, fire, and water.* In our bodies that translates to:
Earth: our "solid" parts such as skin, muscle, tendon, bone, viscera, fat and organs

Air: our "movement" such as respiration, digestion, excretion, motion of our limbs and joints, aging, and sexuality

Water: our "liquids" such as blood, phlegm, saliva, urine, lymph, and other bodily secretions

Fire: our "heat" such as our metabolic function, body temperature, and circulatory system

 *according to traditional Thai medicine

The herbs in this oil are renowned for supporting a healthy immune system. With two varieties of ginger, plus turmeric, lemongrass and more. Thai 4 Element body oils are a powerful tool for maintainingbalance, health and vitality. 


Thai 4 Element Ishnaan Treatment
for Health and Longevity

  1. Dry brush your body with a medium-hard bristle brush or dry loofah sponge.
  2. Shower under warm water to allow your pores to open.
  3. Gently massage Thai 4 Element oil all over your body. Pay extra attention to your ankles (especially the front), wrists & arms, and the back of the neck, the Three Gateways of Energy according to Thai Traditional Medicine.
  4. Make a loose fist allowing the wrists to stay loose and keeping the palms towards your body. Start with the bottom of the left foot and use both hands to alternatively tap your body all the way up to the left hip joint. Then repeat on the right foot/leg. Tap clockwise around your abdomen being sure to include the public bone and the diaphragm (bottom of your ribs) and everywhere in between. Then gently tap the low and mid and and sides of your ribs. 
  5. Using one hand tap from wrist to shoulder, rotating the arm to ensure coverage including lifting your arm to include the armpit, breast, and upper chest. Repeat on the other side.  Gently tap on the tops of your shoulders, back of your neck and the base of your skull. 
  6. Loosen the fist and use your fingertips to tape the side of your neck, jaw, face, and heat. 
  7. Rinse and massage with warm water as desired.