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I get so many questions about toning—seems like there's much confusion and myth about it.  First and foremost toning is not about drying out the skin or getting more dirt off.  If your skin is dirty you need to cleanse (again).

essential toner with rose and chamomile

Toning is primarily about restoring the proper pH of the skin. Generally speaking cleansers will temporarily affect the acid mantle of the skin—it's how they cleanse.  Toners are designed to restore the proper protective barrier pH, after cleansing.  They also, at least in the case of luminous beauty toners, sooth the skin an gently supplement the skin with water-based moisture. Water and oil moisture are both essential to your skins health.  

I've had quite a few "anti toning" individuals convert, now it's their favorite part of a daily skin care regime.

"Your essential toner is the only toner I've ever liked and I love using it.  It's refreshing, light, non-drying and makes my face feel soft.  I use it morning, night and during the day sometimes to help brighten my mood and relieve stress."   L.M. Santa Fe, NM

Toners are also great to set makeup (especially mineral makeup),  refresh the skin after a workout, cool off in the heat, as well as, keep some water hydration in the skin especially while traveling on airplanes.

Here's how:

1. Cleanse your skin.

2. Gently mist or splash toner on your face and neck.  Press/ massage it in so it doesn't evaporate on the surface of the skin.

3. Finish with your favorite serum or moisturizer as desired.