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winter wonder

Upma KaurComment
himalayan snowy mountain


It's already November ?!  and we're now moving into a time that is traditionally about family, friends, travel & celebrating.  The winter holidays in general include a lot outward energy. Yet winter is the season when in nature the energies are drawing in, coming to a still point. When our cultural practice opposes what the seasons reflect; how do we find balance?  

Balance can be found in self care. As the season of giving approaches, remember to give yourself the gift of self care. Taking care of yourself is not only a gift to your personal health and longevity, it is also a gift to those you love.

Our skin is where meet the external world. Supporting the boundary between the inside and the outside is vital. Balance the inside and you can handle the outside. This I know for sure - when I focus on caring for my skin (all of it) I become more relaxed present, and intentional.

The cold and dry season of winter here in the high desert can irritate, dry, and numb our skin. No matter your local winter climate start now with some skin centric self care then watch how you flow through the season with more presence and grace.