luminous beauty

handmade luxury skincare : nourish skin and spirit


“Luminous Beauty is an evolution of my 21 years experience in the holistic skincare industry. Creating products that feel good while supporting vibrant skin health is my passion.”  Upma Kaur ~ Founder

Local, Organic & Wild-Crafted ingredients.

 Nature's Intelligence transformed into

luxury skincare that feels good.

feed your luminous nature


Upma Kaur is an Esthetician & Alchemist with a passion for illuminating natural beauty and vitality. With over 22 years experience in the spa industry, Upma knows that healthy, vibrant skin is both an internal and external experience. Her approach to skin care is rooted in kindness, natures intelligence, and a desire to help others create a healthy, happy relationship with their skin.


luminous beauty was birthed in 2013. Clients and friends easily fell in love with the first products. They quickly demanded more variety in order to meet their evolving self-care needs. Upma responded with a complete, adaptable skin care line - luminous beauty.




Kindness makes you
the most beautiful person in the world,
no matter what you look like.
— Anonymous









I’m going to make everything around me more beautiful -
that will be my life.
— Elise de Wolfe